As both Minnesota’s and the nation’s largest state-based life science advocacy organization, LifeScience Alley delivers to members an aggressive and effective solutions-based public policy advocacy strategy in St. Paul and Washington, DC.  We are increasingly engaging in international policy.

Our legislative priorities are designed, supported and executed through our membership. With sector-specific strategies, LifeScience Alley brings the voice of life science business to the legislative and regulatory processes. With nearly 680 member organizations, representing more than 250,000 employees, LifeScience Alley is the collective influence of our industries.

We engage our membership not only to develop our agenda, but also to work with us and our partner organizations to educate and lobby legislators on issues critical to the success of our members. If you would like to play a more active role in our efforts, please contact Genevieve Plumadore, Director of Government Relations, at 952-746-3825 or or Shaye Mandle, Executive Vice President & COO, at 952-746-3828 or .

If you are interested in becoming a LifeScience Alley member, please contact Frank Jaskulke at (952) 746-3814 or .

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